Re: [PATCH v4 0/6] Add drive-strength in Meson pinctrl driver

From: Kevin Hilman
Date: Thu May 09 2019 - 13:35:50 EST

Guillaume La Roque <glaroque@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The purpose of this patchset is to add drive-strength support in meson pinconf
> driver. This is a new feature that was added on the g12a. It is critical for us
> to support this since many functions are failing with default pad drive-strength.
> The value achievable by the SoC are 0.5mA, 2.5mA, 3mA and 4mA and the DT property
> 'drive-strength' is expressed in mA.
> So this patch add another generic property "drive-strength-uA". The change to do so

Looks like you forgot to update the cover letter.

The new property in this series is actually named

> would be minimal and could be benefit to other platforms later on.
> Cheers
> Guillaume
> Changes since v3:
> - remove dev_err in meson_get_drive_strength
> - cleanup code

You didn't mention the property rename.