[PATCH v3 00/30] Update cros_ec_commands.h

From: Gwendal Grignou
Date: Thu May 09 2019 - 17:15:19 EST

The interface between CrosEC embedded controller and the host,
described by cros_ec_commands.h, as diverged from what the embedded
controller really support.

The source of thruth is at

That include file is converted to remove ACPI and Embedded only code.

>From now on, cros_ec_commands.h will be automatically generated from
the file above, do not modify directly.

Fell free to squash the commits below.

Changes in v3:
- Rebase after commit 81888d8ab1532 ("mfd: cros_ec: Update the EC feature codes")
- Add Acked-by: Benson Leung <bleung@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Changes in v2:
- Move I2S changes at the end of the patchset, squashed with change in
sound/soc/codecs/cros_ec_codec.c to match new interface.
- Add Acked-by: Enric Balletbo i Serra <enric.balletbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Gwendal Grignou (30):
mfd: cros_ec: Update license term
mfd: cros_ec: Zero BUILD_ macro
mfd: cros_ec: set comments properly
mfd: cros_ec: add ec_align macros
mfd: cros_ec: Define commands as 4-digit UPPER CASE hex values
mfd: cros_ec: use BIT macro
mfd: cros_ec: Update ACPI interface definition
mfd: cros_ec: move HDMI CEC API definition
mfd: cros_ec: Remove zero-size structs
mfd: cros_ec: Add Flash V2 commands API
mfd: cros_ec: Add PWM_SET_DUTY API
mfd: cros_ec: Add lightbar v2 API
mfd: cros_ec: Expand hash API
mfd: cros_ec: Add EC transport protocol v4
mfd: cros_ec: Complete MEMS sensor API
mfd: cros_ec: Fix event processing API
mfd: cros_ec: Add fingerprint API
mfd: cros_ec: Fix temperature API
mfd: cros_ec: Complete Power and USB PD API
mfd: cros_ec: Add API for keyboard testing
mfd: cros_ec: Add Hibernate API
mfd: cros_ec: Add Smart Battery Firmware update API
mfd: cros_ec: Add I2C passthru protection API
mfd: cros_ec: Add API for EC-EC communication
mfd: cros_ec: Add API for Touchpad support
mfd: cros_ec: Add API for Fingerprint support
mfd: cros_ec: Add API for rwsig
mfd: cros_ec: Add SKU ID and Secure storage API
mfd: cros_ec: Add Management API entry points
mfd: cros_ec: Update I2S API

include/linux/mfd/cros_ec_commands.h | 3658 ++++++++++++++++++++------
sound/soc/codecs/cros_ec_codec.c | 8 +-
2 files changed, 2915 insertions(+), 751 deletions(-)