Re: Danish FreeBSD Developer hates jews collectively

From: Roderick
Date: Fri May 10 2019 - 05:49:44 EST

Dear Poul-Henning!

I do get your point. I do not think you are an antesimite. I would think
the opposite: most antisemites hide behind their israel-friendliness.

I appreciate your involvement on what is happenning in the near east.
From the end of WWI the situation of the palestinians got only worse
and worser, and with the last developements, faster.

You got it, it was not a skilled use of twitter, but unfortunately
not only that: you made some errors. It is perhaps not your guilt,
because these errors are promoted by the israeli propaganda.

From the very beginning there was jewish oposition to the zionist
enterprise, due to different reasons, from so called secular jews
and from religious ones. Many as radical as the most radical
palestinian. In the internet era this should be clear to you:
I suppose you are new in the thema. This is why one cannot
use the word "jews" to name a party in the conflict, unless in a
very restricted context. The AIPAC is not a jewish political lobbying
organization, but a zionist one, a israeli one.

The zionist propaganda always told that all jews are behind israel,
that they represent all jews, it equates zionist with jewish, and
opposition to zionism with antisemitism. It seems you fell in their

The other error is perhaps to consider jews as a religious group,
that they freely chose to be that: it is irrelevant in the context
of the conflict. Arabs see them as a religious group, but zionists,
antisemites and perhaps most europeans see them as a people.
But even among them there are discussions about it (Shlomo Sand). I
once met a very anti-israel jew that very proudly considered her
ethnicity as "ashkenazy". How they define their collective identity
is mainly their issue.

As said, I appreciate your involvement, but I think you were also
not prudent. While these guys kill without scrupples in the near east,
hidden behind heavy weapons, elsewhere their favourite weapon even
against the most weak opposition is diffamation.

Best regards

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