Carrying over the ima log during kexec_file_load

From: prakhar srivastava
Date: Fri May 10 2019 - 20:18:06 EST


I am currently looking at carrying over the ima log from the current
kernel to the next kernel during soft reboot(kexec_file_load) for arm64
and x86_64.
During soft reboot(kexec_file_load) TPM boot PCRâs(PCRs 0 through 7)
are not reset or extended and thus the boot aggregate does not change,
leaving the new kernel with a sense of secure boot.
During kexec_file_load the kernel file signature is validated through PE
file signature validation.
The boot cmdline args will also be measured with
âkexec cmdline buffer measureâ change which is in progress.

Looking at the powerpc implementation of kexec_file_load, making
change to the kimage_arch as below seems most reasonable.

Struct kimage_arch {

Add respective entries in dtb/fdt and read the same in the next kernel.
No changes to the purgatory should be needed since no kernel segments
are changed.

Is anyone already looking at this?
If not, I want to understand whatâs the best approach for this is?

Prakhar Srivastava