Re: C3600, sata controller

From: John David Anglin
Date: Sun May 12 2019 - 17:18:00 EST

The c3600 doesn't have any PCI-X slots (only PCI) as far as I can tell from user manuals.

The SY-PCX40009 PCI-X card that I have says it supports two models: 32-bit at 66 MHz and 64-bit
at 133 MHz. The 32-bit slots in c3600 are 33 MHz. Whether the card will work at 33 MHz is not
clear. The card says it's backward compatible to PCI 2.3.

On 2019-05-12 4:44 p.m., Carlo Pisani wrote:
> guys,
> I asked a friend to lend us his card, which is the card2 listed below
> and not things are becoming really weird
> card1, Silicon Image, Inc. Adaptec AAR-1210SA
> card2, Silicon Image, Inc. SiI 3124 PCI-X Serial ATA
> the card1 is a PCI32 bit card, and uses the "sata_sil" driver
> the card2 is a PCI64 bit card, and uses the "sata_sil24" driver
> card1 is installed in a PCI32 slot, and it's moving 32Gbyte in a loop
> without any issue
> I have just tested card2 in each of the PCI-X slot (including the 3.3V
> one) and ... it has always triggered the HPMC unit, crashing the
> machine
> the hardware is different, and drivers are also different, but ....
> maybe the problem is related to 32 vs 64bit?
> I am going to repeat the test with card2 installed in a PCI32 slot.
> This should force it to 32bit: will it work correctly?
> (hope this makes sense)
> ---
> we have also checked if the kernel is correctly handling the ram
> we have a C3600 with 8Gbyte of ram
> mount -t tmpfs -o size=7G tmpfs /mnt/ramdrive/
> dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/ramdrive/test.bin
> badblocks -swv /mnt/ramdrive/test.bin
> checking for bad blocks in read-write mode
> >From block 0 to 7340031
> Testing with pattern 0xaa: done
> Reading and comparing: done
> Testing with pattern 0x55: done
> Reading and comparing: done
> Testing with pattern 0xff: done
> Reading and comparing: done
> Testing with pattern 0x00: done
> Reading and comparing: done
> Pass completed, 0 bad blocks found.
> no problems found

John David Anglin dave.anglin@xxxxxxxx