Re: [PATCH net RESEND] net: macb: fix error format in dev_err()

From: David Miller
Date: Tue May 14 2019 - 18:43:14 EST

From: Luca Ceresoli <luca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2019 15:23:07 +0200

> Errors are negative numbers. Using %u shows them as very large positive
> numbers such as 4294967277 that don't make sense. Use the %d format
> instead, and get a much nicer -19.
> Signed-off-by: Luca Ceresoli <luca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Fixes: b48e0bab142f ("net: macb: Migrate to devm clock interface")
> Fixes: 93b31f48b3ba ("net/macb: unify clock management")
> Fixes: 421d9df0628b ("net/macb: merge at91_ether driver into macb driver")
> Fixes: aead88bd0e99 ("net: ethernet: macb: Add support for rx_clk")
> Fixes: f5473d1d44e4 ("net: macb: Support clock management for tsu_clk")
> Acked-by: Nicolas Ferre <nicolas.ferre@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Reviewed-by: Andrew Lunn <andrew@xxxxxxx>