Re: [PATCHv6 0/4] omapdrm: DSI command mode panel support

From: Tony Lindgren
Date: Mon May 27 2019 - 07:24:40 EST

* Tomi Valkeinen <tomi.valkeinen@xxxxxx> [190527 10:51]:
> Hi,
> On 23/05/2019 23:07, Sebastian Reichel wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Here is another round of the DSI command mode panel patchset
> > integrating the feedback from PATCHv5. The patches are based
> > on v5.2-rc1 tag. It does not contain the patches required for
> > OMAP3 support (it needs a workaround for a hardware bug) and
> > for automatic display rotation. They should get their own series,
> > once after everything has been moved to DRM panel API. I think
> > DRM panel conversion should happen _after_ this series, since
> > otherwise there is a high risk of bricking DSI support completely.
> > I already started a WIP branch for converting DSI to the DRM panel
> > API on top of this patchset.
> Looks good to me. For some reason I can't boot 5.2-rc2 (on x15) so I haven't
> been able to test yet. I'll pick the series up in any case, and I'll test it
> when I get the kernel booting.

Great good to have these merged finally :)

Hmm I wonder if some x15 models are affected by the SoC variant
changes queued in my fixes branch?