Re: [PATCH net-next] net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: fix comments and macro names in mv88e6390_g1_mgmt_rsvd2cpu

From: Andrew Lunn
Date: Mon Jun 03 2019 - 09:25:59 EST

On Mon, Jun 03, 2019 at 07:52:46AM +0000, Rasmus Villemoes wrote:
> The macros have an extraneous '800' (after 0180C2 there should be just
> six nibbles, with X representing one), while the comments have
> interchanged c2 and 80 and an extra :00.
> Signed-off-by: Rasmus Villemoes <rasmus.villemoes@xxxxxxxxx>

Reviewed-by: Andrew Lunn <andrew@xxxxxxx>