Re: hid-related 5.2-rc1 boot hang

From: Hans de Goede
Date: Tue Jun 04 2019 - 04:40:24 EST


On 04-06-19 10:05, Hans de Goede wrote:


We should likely just remove c52f from the list of supported devices.
C52f receivers seem to have a different firmware as they are meant to
work with different devices than C534. So I guess it is safer to not
handle those right now and get the code in when it is ready.

Ack. Can you prepare a patch to drop the c52f id?

Yes. I have an other revert never submitted that I need to push, so I
guess I can do a revert session today.

I think I'll also buy one device with hopefully the C52F receiver as
the report descriptors attached in seems different to
what I would have expected.

They are actually what I expected :)

The first USB interface is a mouse boot class device, since this is a mouse
only receiver. This means that the mouse report is unnumbered and we need to
extend the unnumbered mouse-report handling to handle this case. Also the
device is using the same highres mouse-reports as the gaming receiver is.

I'm actually preparing a patch right now which should fix this. Still might
be better to do the revert for 5.2 and get proper support for the c52f
receiver into 5.3.

I've attached a patch to the bug:

Which should fix this. It is quite simple and safe, so if we get testing
feedback relatively soon, we could go with the fix instead of dropping the
product-id, your call.