[RFC]: Convention for naming syscall revisions

From: Christian Brauner
Date: Thu Jun 06 2019 - 11:46:40 EST

Hey everyone,

I hope this is not going to start a trash fire.

While working on a new clone version I tried to find out what the
current naming conventions for syscall revisions is. I was told and
seemed to be able to confirm through the syscall list that revisions of
syscalls are for the most part (for examples see [1]) named after the
number of arguments and not for the number of revisions. But some also
seem to escape that logic (e.g. clone2).

In any case, I would like to document *a* convention for syscall
revisions on https://www.kernel.org/doc/ . So what shall it be:
- number of args
- number of revision


[1]: - accept4(/* 4 args */)
- dup2(/* 2 args */)
- dup3(/* 3 args */)
- eventfd2(/* 2 args */)
- pipe2(/* 2 args */)
- pselect6(/* 6 args, including structs */)
- signalfd4(/* 4 args, one of them a struct */)
- umount2(/* 2 args */)
- wait3(/* 3 args, one of them a struct */)
- wait4(/* 4 args, one of them a struct */)