[git pull] drm fixes for v5.2-rc4 (v2)

From: Dave Airlie
Date: Fri Jun 07 2019 - 03:28:52 EST

Hey Linus,

A small bit more lively this week but not majorly so. I'm away in
Japan next week for family holiday, so I'll be pretty disconnected,
I've asked Daniel to do fixes for the week while I'm out.

I sent this out earlier, but I forgot the subject, and then Ben asked
about some nouveau firmware fixes. The nouveau firmware changes are a
bit large, but they address a big problem where a whole set of boards
don't load with the driver, and the new firmware fixes that, so I
think it's worth trying to land it now.

- Allow fb changes in async commits (drivers as well)

- Unmap scatterlist when unmapping udmabuf

- firmware loading fixes for secboot firmware on new GPU revision.

- oops, dma mapping and warning fixes

- clock fixes,
- mode validation fix

- Add a missing Icelake workaround
- GVT - DMA map fault fix and enforcement fixes

- DCE resume fix
- New raven variation updates