Re: [PATCH v3 5/6] x86/MCE: Save MCA control bits that get set in hardware

From: Borislav Petkov
Date: Fri Jun 07 2019 - 13:03:21 EST

On Fri, Jun 07, 2019 at 04:44:24PM +0000, Ghannam, Yazen wrote:
> I have another version of this set that I can send today. It includes
> the changes for this patch and also includes the fix for the locking
> bug message.
> Should I send out the new version? Or do you want me to wait for any
> fixes on top of the current version?

I don't understand - I think we said to feel free to rework it all by using

and reworking the whole branch to accomodate the changes and then
sending a whole new series...


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