RE: [ANNOUNCE] Git v2.22.0

From: Johannes Schindelin
Date: Mon Jun 10 2019 - 14:46:36 EST

Hi Randall,

On Mon, 10 Jun 2019, Randall S. Becker wrote:

> On Friday, June 7, 2019 5:31 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> > The latest feature release Git v2.22.0 is now available at the
> > usual places. It is comprised of 745 non-merge commits since
> > v2.21.0, contributed by 74 people, 18 of which are new faces.
> Report from NonStop tests:
> t7519 subtest 25 still fails on first execution but not on second.

As mentioned previously: known issue. The patch to fix that is in `next`
(1aa850bc59 (Merge branch 'js/fsmonitor-unflake' into next, 2019-05-30).

> t9001 subtests 33, 82, 118, 119, 146 fail. We have no normal sendmail on platform.

Maybe you should craft a patch series that adds a new prereq that verifies
that sendmail works, and contribute a patch that marks those test cases
with that prereq.

> t9020, t9600, t9601, t9602 all fail - we have no SVN. I may be able to
> handle exclusions for the next release.

The question is why they fail even if the correspondig prereq should have

Another opportunity for you to contribute a patch series!

(By my analysis, you rank #277 in the `git shortlog -nse --no-merges`
statistics, and just 17 patches would improve your rank to #150 or

> So essentially, no change from previous releases other than t7519 being
> wonky. This is a pass. Thanks for all hard work from the team.

Yes, t7519 became "more wonky" as a consequence of a bug fix of mine that
made that particular bug a lot more prominent.

So prominent, in fact, that I contributed two patches that will improve my
rank ;-)