RE: [PATCH 0/6] net: macb patch set cover letter

From: Parshuram Raju Thombare
Date: Sun Jun 16 2019 - 03:01:15 EST

Hi All,

Please ignore patches sent in-reply chain to patch 0001.
Sending all patches in reply to patch 0000-cover-letter.patch.

Parshuram Thombare

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>Subject: [PATCH 0/6] net: macb patch set cover letter
>Hello !,
>This is second version of patch set containing following patches for Cadence
>ethernet controller driver.
>1. 0001-net-macb-add-phylink-support.patch
> Replace phylib API's with phylink API's.
>2. 0002-net-macb-add-support-for-sgmii-MAC-PHY-interface.patch
> This patch add support for SGMII mode.
>3. 003-net-macb-add-PHY-configuration-in-MACB-PCI-wrapper.patch
> This patch is to configure TI PHY DP83867 in SGMII mode from
> our MAC PCI wrapper driver.
> With this change there is no need of PHY driver and dp83867
> module must be disabled. Users wanting to setup DP83867 PHY
> in SGMII mode can disable dp83867.ko driver, else dp83867.ko
> overwrite this configuration and PHY is setup as per dp83867.ko.
>4. 0004-net-macb-add-support-for-c45-PHY.patch
> This patch is to support C45 PHY.
>5. 0005-net-macb-add-support-for-high-speed-interface
> This patch add support for 10G USXGMII PCS in fixed mode.
> Since emulated PHY used in fixed mode doesn't seems to
> support anything above 1G, additional parameter is used outside
> "fixed-link" node for selecting speed and "fixed-link"
> node speed is still set at 1G.
>6. 0006-net-macb-parameter-added-to-cadence-ethernet-controller-DT-binding
> New parameters added to Cadence ethernet controller DT binding
> for USXGMII interface.
>Parshuram Thombare
>Parshuram Thombare (6):
> net: macb: add phylink support
> net: macb: add support for sgmii MAC-PHY interface
> net: macb: add PHY configuration in MACB PCI wrapper
> net: macb: add support for c45 PHY
> net: macb: add support for high speed interface
> net: macb: parameter added to cadence ethernet controller DT binding
> .../devicetree/bindings/net/macb.txt | 4 +
> drivers/net/ethernet/cadence/Kconfig | 2 +-
> drivers/net/ethernet/cadence/macb.h | 136 +++-
> drivers/net/ethernet/cadence/macb_main.c | 659 ++++++++++++++----
> drivers/net/ethernet/cadence/macb_pci.c | 225 ++++++
> 5 files changed, 860 insertions(+), 166 deletions(-)