Re: [PATCH] uapi: avoid namespace conflict in linux/posix_types.h

From: Florian Weimer
Date: Mon Jun 17 2019 - 14:07:51 EST

* Linus Torvalds:

>> A different approach would rename <asm/posix_types.h> to something more
>> basic, exclude the two structs, and move all internal #includes which do
>> need the structs to the new header.
> In fact, I wouldn't even rename <posix_types.h> at all, I'd just make
> sure it's namespace-clean.
> I _think_ the only thing causing problems is '__kernel_fsid_t' due to
> that "val[]" thing, so just remove ity entirely, and add it to
> <statfs.h> instead.

There's also __kernel_fd_set in <linux/posix_types.h>. I may have
lumped this up with <asm/posix_types.h>, but it has the same problem.

If it's okay to move them both to more natural places (maybe
<asm/statfs.h> and <linux/socket.h>), I think that should work well for

However, application code may have to include additional header files.
I think the GCC/LLVM sanitizers currently get __kernel_fd_set from
<linux/posix_types.h> (but I think we discussed it before, they really
shouldn't use this type because it's misleading).