Re: [PATCH] mm: mempolicy: handle vma with unmovable pages mapped correctly in mbind

From: Yang Shi
Date: Wed Jun 19 2019 - 12:45:05 EST

On 6/19/19 1:18 AM, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
On 6/18/19 7:06 PM, Yang Shi wrote:
The BUG_ON was removed by commit
d44d363f65780f2ac2ec672164555af54896d40d ("mm: don't assume anonymous
pages have SwapBacked flag") since 4.12.
Perhaps that commit should be sent to stable@ ? Although with
VM_BUG_ON() this is less critical than plain BUG_ON().

I don't think we have to. I agree it is less critical, VM_DEBUG should be not enabled for production environment.

And, it doesn't actually break anything since split_huge_page would just return error, and those unmovable pages are silently ignored by isolate.