Re: [PATCH 12/21] EDAC, ghes: Add support for legacy API counters

From: Robert Richter
Date: Thu Jun 20 2019 - 03:01:14 EST

On 19.06.19 18:22:32, James Morse wrote:
> > In any case, this patch cleans up code as old API's counter code is
> > isolated and moved to common code. Making the counter's work for ghes
> > is actually a side-effect here. The cleanup is a prerequisit for
> > follow on patches.
> I'm all for removing/warning-its-broken it when ghes_edac is in use. But the convincing
> argument is debian ships a 'current' version of edac-utils that predates 199747106934,
> (that made all this fake csrow stuff deprecated), and debian's popcon says ~1000 people
> have it installed.

All arm64 distribution kernels that I have checked come with:

# CONFIG_EDAC_DEBUG is not set

> If you want it fixed, please don't do it as a side effect of cleanup. Fixes need to be a
> small separate series that can be backported. (unless we're confident no-one uses it, in
> which case, why fix it?)

It is not that I am keen on fixing legacy edac sysfs. It just happens
while unifying the error handlers in ghes_edac and edac_mc. As I see
you are reluctant on just letting it go, let's just disable
EDAC_LEGACY_SYSFS for ARM64. Though, I don't agree with it as there
still could be some userland tools that use this interface that cannot
be used any longer after a transition from x86 to arm64. I leave that
decision up to you. Please just ACK a patch with the Kconfig change
which I will add to my v2 series.