selftests: bpf: failed at file test_l4lb.o

From: Naresh Kamboju
Date: Thu Jun 20 2019 - 04:13:20 EST

selftests: bpf failed running Linux -next kernel
20190618 and 20190619.

Here is the log from x86_64,
# selftests bpf
bpf: test_libbpf.sh_ #
# [0] libbpf BTF is required, but is missing or corrupted.
libbpf: BTF_is #
# test_libbpf failed at file test_l4lb.o
failed: at_file #
# selftests test_libbpf [FAILED]
test_libbpf: [FAILED]_ #
[FAIL] 29 selftests bpf
selftests: [FAIL]

Full test log,

Test results comparison,

Good linux -next tag: next-20190617
Bad linux -next tag: next-20190618
git branch master
git commit 1c6b40509daf5190b1fd2c758649f7df1da4827b
git repo

Best regards
Naresh Kamboju