From: Jerome Njitap
Date: Thu Jun 20 2019 - 12:16:52 EST

Dear Friend,

I am Mr Jerome Njitap, former ministry of Agriculture and Urban development. I have also held the post of the assistant Governor of the BCEAO bank, quivalent to the central bank here in my country
Burkina Faso. Also, former head and chairman of the Burkina Faso electoral commission.

Now i have been made head of an auditing department of a top bank here in Burkina faso. Here, in my department i have discovered an unclaimed fund in our bank here belonging to a foreigner. Further research which i discovered upon research that the owner of the account has been deceased for years with his family members on an air craft. He was a French business man into Agricultural and mining business.

Hence, upon this discovery i have made this offer to you to stand as the beneficiary of the fund and with my technical assistance as an insider, i will do the necessary underwork to make sure my bank releases and transfer the fund to your bank account. You have to understand that it only a foreigner i can present to my bank to apply as the beneficiary of the fund since the deceased beneficiary was also a foreigner and not a citizen of Burkina Faso.

Please note that this discovery is known only to me at the moment and neither of the bank managements are aware of this for years now. I have the statement of account of account and every documentation that shall be sent to you for your analysis once we agree.

I intend to share the fund with you 60% for me and 40% for you. While i intend to invest my share under your guidance and directory in your country and into profitable business ventures and areas such as Fish industries, Textile, Technology, Real estate, etc. As soon as i receive your confirmation i shall direct you on how to apply to my bank as the beneficiary of the fund so they can begin the transfer and release procedures immediately.Please all communications should be through this email address for confidential purpose(jeromenjitap100@xxxxxxxxx)

Feel free to also check my professional linkeldin page. Revert with your confirmation and direct mobile number for easier communication.

Mr. Jerome.N