Re: PREEMPT_RT_FULL on x86-32 machine

From: Jan Kiszka
Date: Mon Jun 24 2019 - 06:58:26 EST

On 24.06.19 12:53, Pavel Machek wrote:

Is full preemption supposed to work on x86-32 machines?

Because it does not work for me. It crashes early in boot, no messages
make it to console. Similar configuration for x86-64 boots ok.

Maybe you can also tell which version(s) you tried, and in which
configuration(s), and how the crash looked like.

I wanted to know if the configuration is supposed to work at all
before starting heavy debugging. From your reply I assume that it
should work.

We still have at least one 4.4-based 32-bit-only target on RT. But there is likely more, even though I'm promoting to use at least a 64-bit kernel on 64-bit capable hw for many years, irrespective of RT.


I tried 4.19.13-rt1-cip1 among others. Crash is early in boot, I can
try some early printing...

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