Re: [PATCH v7 0/6] Add support for Orange Pi 3

From: David Miller
Date: Mon Jun 24 2019 - 13:29:31 EST

From: megous@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 15:47:42 +0200

> From: Ondrej Jirman <megous@xxxxxxxxxx>
> This series implements support for Xunlong Orange Pi 3 board.
> - ethernet support (patches 1-3)
> - HDMI support (patches 4-6)
> For some people, ethernet doesn't work after reboot (but works on cold
> boot), when the stmmac driver is built into the kernel. It works when
> the driver is built as a module. It's either some timing issue, or power
> supply issue or a combination of both. Module build induces a power
> cycling of the phy.
> I encourage people with this issue, to build the driver into the kernel,
> and try to alter the reset timings for the phy in DTS or
> startup-delay-us and report the findings.

This is a mixture of networking and non-networking changes so it really
can't go through my tree.

I wonder how you expect this series to be merged?