Re: [PATCH v2] kernel/isolation: Assert that a housekeeping CPU comes up at boot time

From: Qais Yousef
Date: Tue Jun 25 2019 - 05:27:46 EST

On 06/25/19 10:17, Nicholas Piggin wrote:
> With the change to allow the boot CPU0 to be isolated, it is possible
> to specify command line options that result in no housekeeping CPU
> online at boot.
> An 8 CPU system booted with "nohz_full=0-6 maxcpus=4", for example.
> It is not easily possible at housekeeping init time to know all the
> various SMP options that will result in an invalid configuration, so
> this patch adds a sanity check after SMP init, to ensure that a
> housekeeping CPU has been onlined.
> The panic is undesirable, but it's better than the alternative of an
> obscure non deterministic failure. The panic will reliably happen
> when advanced parameters are used incorrectly.
> Signed-off-by: Nicholas Piggin <npiggin@xxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> v2: Fix a NULL pointer dereference when not overriding housekeeping,
> noticed by kernel test robot and Qais, who fixed it and verified
> the fix (thanks!)

Glad I could help. But for the record my problem wasn't a NULL pointer
dereference and simply the loop didn't hit the condition to 'return 0' so I hit
the panic.

I tested that the fix does indeed skip the verification if no nohz_full nor
isolcpus is passed. But I didn't do the reverse check, although from the code
this flag is only set in housekeeping_setup() so it should continue to work as


Qais Yousef