Re: [PATCH AUTOSEL 5.1 11/51] ASoC: sun4i-codec: fix first delay on Speaker

From: Mark Brown
Date: Wed Jun 26 2019 - 06:37:49 EST

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 11:40:27PM -0400, Sasha Levin wrote:
> From: Georgii Staroselskii <georgii.staroselskii@xxxxxxxxx>
> [ Upstream commit 1f2675f6655838aaf910f911fd0abc821e3ff3df ]
> Allwinner DAC seems to have a delay in the Speaker audio routing. When
> playing a sound for the first time, the sound gets chopped. On a second
> play the sound is played correctly. After some time (~5s) the issue gets
> back.

This is inserting a big delay in the startup and might disrupt some
production system.

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