linux-next: build failure after merge of the akpm-current tree

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Wed Jun 26 2019 - 08:58:13 EST

Hi all,

After merging the akpm tree, today's linux-next build (sparc64 defconfig)
failed like this:

In file included from arch/sparc/include/asm/page_64.h:130:0,
from arch/sparc/include/asm/page.h:8,
from arch/sparc/include/asm/thread_info_64.h:27,
from arch/sparc/include/asm/thread_info.h:5,
from include/linux/thread_info.h:38,
from include/asm-generic/preempt.h:5,
from ./arch/sparc/include/generated/asm/preempt.h:1,
from include/linux/preempt.h:78,
from include/linux/spinlock.h:51,
from mm/gup.c:5:
mm/gup.c: In function 'gup_huge_pgd':
arch/sparc/include/asm/pgtable_64.h:864:37: error: implicit declaration of function 'pgd_pfn'; did you mean 'pud_pfn'? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
#define pgd_page(pgd) pfn_to_page(pgd_pfn(pgd))
include/asm-generic/memory_model.h:54:40: note: in definition of macro '__pfn_to_page'
#define __pfn_to_page(pfn) (vmemmap + (pfn))
mm/gup.c:2147:9: note: in expansion of macro 'pgd_page'
page = pgd_page(orig) + ((addr & ~PGDIR_MASK) >> PAGE_SHIFT);

Caused by commit

51bbf54b3f26 ("sparc64: add the missing pgd_page definition")

I don't see a simple way to fix this, so sparc64 is broken for today :-(
Stephen Rothwell

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