Re: [PATCH v6 7/8] dynamic_debug: add asm-generic implementation for DYNAMIC_DEBUG_RELATIVE_POINTERS

From: Nick Desaulniers
Date: Wed Jun 26 2019 - 19:16:14 EST

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 3:18 PM Nick Desaulniers
<ndesaulniers@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 2. pci_pm_suspend_noirq seems to exist twice(?) before your patches, once after
> 3. xhci_urb_enqueue seems to exist three times before your patches, twice after

PEBKAC, I advanced my master branch without rebasing my local branch
with these changes. With the local branch rebased onto master, there
are no differences. 2888 in both cases, line numbers do not differ.

I wasn't able to trip any logs in kobject:
(initramfs) echo "file kobject.c +p" > /dfs/dynamic_debug/control
(initramfs) cat /dfs/dynamic_debug/control | grep kobject
lib/kobject.c:161 [kobject]fill_kobj_path =p "kobject: '%s' (%p): %s:
path = '%s'\012"
lib/kobject.c:668 [kobject]kobject_cleanup =p "kobject: '%s' (%p): %s,
parent %p\012"
lib/kobject.c:672 [kobject]kobject_cleanup =p "kobject: '%s' (%p):
does not have a release() func"
lib/kobject.c:677 [kobject]kobject_cleanup =p "kobject: '%s' (%p):
auto cleanup 'remove' event\01"
lib/kobject.c:684 [kobject]kobject_cleanup =p "kobject: '%s' (%p):
auto cleanup kobject_del\012"
lib/kobject.c:690 [kobject]kobject_cleanup =p "kobject: '%s' (%p):
calling ktype release\012"
lib/kobject.c:696 [kobject]kobject_cleanup =p "kobject: '%s': free name\012"
lib/kobject.c:744 [kobject]dynamic_kobj_release =p "kobject: (%p): %s\012"
lib/kobject.c:253 [kobject]kobject_add_internal =p "kobject: '%s'
(%p): %s: parent: '%s', set: '%"
lib/kobject.c:915 [kobject]kset_release =p "kobject: '%s' (%p): %s\012"

The prints should show up in dmesg right, assuming you do something to
trigger them? Can you provide more details for a test case that's
easy to trip? What's an easy case to reproduce from a limited
buildroot env (basic shell/toybox)?
~Nick Desaulniers