Re: [PATCH 1/2] regulator: axp20x: fix DCDCA and DCDCD for AXP806

From: Mark Brown
Date: Mon Jul 08 2019 - 11:31:32 EST

On Sat, Jul 06, 2019 at 02:44:03PM +0200, Jernej Åkrabec wrote:
> Dne sobota, 06. julij 2019 ob 13:21:44 CEST je Mark Brown napisal(a):

> > This is not a great changelog - what are the bugs and how does
> > this patch fix them?

> In case of DCDCA, number of steps for second range should be 20 (0x14), but it
> was set to 14. So I guess patch author missed "0x". Currently, math doesn't
> work, because sum of both number of steps plus 2 must be equal to number of
> voltages macro.

> Same error is present in AXP803 DCDC6 regulator.

> In case of DCDCD, array of ranges (axp806_dcdcd_ranges) contains two ranges,
> which use same start and end macros. By checking datasheet or just checking
> macros at the top of the source file, it's obvious that "1" is missing in
> second range macro names (1600 instead of 600).

Can you please resend these with changelogs on the relevant
patches so they can be reviewed more sensibly?

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