Re: [PATCH 1/3] Documentation: virtual: Add toctree hooks

From: Luke Nowakowski-Krijger
Date: Mon Jul 08 2019 - 16:28:15 EST

On Mon, Jul 08, 2019 at 01:54:04PM -0600, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Jul 2019 14:38:13 -0700
> Luke Nowakowski-Krijger <lnowakow@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> At this point in the patch series, the above-mentioned RST files don't
> exist. So if somebody tries to build the docs here, the build will fail.
> I suspect that it's pretty rare for people to use bisection with docs
> builds, but it's still proper practice to ensure that things work at every
> step in your series. So the above entries should be added in the patches
> that convert the files.

Yes, agreed. It should be at the end of the series.

> Also, vcpu-requests.txt is never touched in this patch series, which
> suggests that you didn't build the docs even at the end of it.

In the staging tree I was doing work out of I saw a vcpu-requests.rst
file so thought I could add it "while I'm here".

You're right. I should only add the files I am converting.

> Thanks,
> jon

Thanks again,
- Luke