Re: [PATCH v2] selftests: kvm: Adding config fragments

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Thu Aug 08 2019 - 12:00:34 EST

On 08/08/19 17:10, Andrew Jones wrote:
> What does the kselftests config file do? I was about to complain that this
> would break compiling on non-x86 platforms, but 'make kselftest' and other
> forms of invoking the build work fine on aarch64 even with this config
> file. So is this just for documentation? If so, then its still obviously
> wrong for non-x86 platforms. The only config that makes sense here is KVM.
> If the other options need to be documented for x86, then should they get
> an additional config file? tools/testing/selftests/kvm/x86_64/config?

My understanding is that a config file fragment requires some kind of
kconfig invocation to create a full .config file. When you do that,
unknown configurations are dropped silently.