Re: linux-next: Signed-off-by missing for commits in the net-next tree

From: Chris Mason
Date: Fri Aug 16 2019 - 08:45:39 EST

On 16 Aug 2019, at 5:15, Andy Grover wrote:

> On 8/16/19 3:06 PM, Gerd Rausch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just added the e-mail addresses I found using a simple "google
>> search",
>> in order to reach out to the original authors of these commits:
>> Chris Mason and Andy Grover.
>> I'm hoping they still remember their work from 7-8 years ago.
> Yes looks like what I was working on. What did you need from me? It's
> too late to amend the commitlogs...

Same question ;) The missing signed-off-by is a mistake, but from the
point of view of the DCO, these patches are totally fine by me.