Re: [PATCH v3 0/8] PM / ACPI: sleep: Additional changes related to suspend-to-idle

From: Kristian Klausen
Date: Fri Aug 16 2019 - 16:27:04 EST

On 02.08.2019 12.33, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
Hi All,

On top of the "Simplify the suspend-to-idle control flow" patch series
posted previously:

sanitize the suspend-to-idle flow even further.

First off, decouple EC wakeup from the LPS0 _DSM processing (patch 1).

Next, reorder the code to invoke LPS0 _DSM Functions 5 and 6 in the
specification-compliant order with respect to suspending and resuming
devices (patch 2).

Finally, rearrange lps0_device_attach() (patch 3) and add a command line
switch to prevent the LPS0 _DSM from being used.
The v2 is because I found a (minor) bug in patch 1, decided to use a module
parameter instead of a kernel command line option in patch 4. Also, there
are 4 new patches:

Patch 5: Switch the EC over to polling during "noirq" suspend and back
during "noirq" resume.

Patch 6: Eliminate acpi_sleep_no_ec_events().

Patch 7: Consolidate some EC code depending on PM_SLEEP.

Patch 8: Add EC GPE dispatching debug message.
The v3 is just a rearranged v2 so as to move the post sensitive patch (previous patch 2)
to the end of the series. [After applying the full series the code is the same as before.]

For easier testing, the series (along with some previous patches depended on by it)
is available in the pm-s2idle-testing branch of the linux-pm.git tree at
It was just testing this patch series(461fc1caed55), to see if it would fix my charging issue (, which it didn't.

I did however notice that my laptop (ASUS Zenbook UX430UNR/i7-8550U) won't wake when opening the lid or pressing a key, the only way to wake the laptop is pressing the power button.

I also tested mainline (5.3.0-rc4 b7e7c85dc7b0) and 5.2.8 and the laptop wakes without issue when the lid is opened or a key is presed.
Please refer to the changelogs for details.