Re: [RESEND][PATCH v3 00/26] drm: Kirin driver cleanups to prep for Kirin960 support

From: xinliang
Date: Sun Aug 18 2019 - 22:07:39 EST

On 2019/8/15 3:45, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
Hi Xinliang, Rongrong, Xinwei, Chen

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 06:46:36PM +0000, John Stultz wrote:
Just wanted to resend this patch set so I didn't have to
continue carrying it forever to keep the HiKey960 board running.

This patchset contains one fix (in the front, so its easier to
eventually backport), and a series of changes from YiPing to
refactor the kirin drm driver so that it can be used on both
kirin620 based devices (like the original HiKey board) as well
as kirin960 based devices (like the HiKey960 board).

The full kirin960 drm support is still being refactored, but as
this base kirin rework was getting to be substantial, I wanted
to send out the first chunk, so that the review burden wasn't
As Maintainers can we please get some feedback from one of you.
Just an "OK to commit" would do it.
But preferably an ack or a review on the individual patches.

Hi sam,
So sorry for responding late.
As I have done a pre-review and talked with the author before sending out the patches.
So, for this serial patches,
Acked-by: Xinliang Liu <z.liuxinliang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

If the reality is that John is the Maintainer today,
then we should update MAINTAINERS to reflect this.

I am assuming you are talking about the kirin[1] drm driver not the hibmc[2] one, right?
I really appreciate John's awesome work at kirin drm driver all the way.
Honestly, after my work change from mobile to server years ago, I am always waiting for some guy who is stably working at kirin drm driver to take the maintenance work.
John, surely is a such guy. Please add up a patch to update the maintainer as John, if John agree so. Then John can push the patch set to drm maintainer himself.
*Note* that the maintainer patch should break hisilicon drivers into kirin and hibmc two parts, like bellow:

M: Xinliang Liu <z.liuxinliang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
F: drivers/gpu/drm/hisilicon/hibmc

M: John Stultz <john.stultz@xxxxxxxxxx>
F: drivers/gpu/drm/hisilicon/kirin

[1] drivers/gpu/drm/hisilicon/kirin # for kirin mobile display driver
[2] drivers/gpu/drm/hisilicon/hibmc # for server VGA driver