Re: [PATCH 2/3] macb: Update compatibility string for SiFive FU540-C000

From: Nicolas.Ferre
Date: Tue Aug 20 2019 - 06:17:07 EST

On 20/08/2019 at 11:10, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> External E-Mail
> On Aug 13 2019, Paul Walmsley <paul.walmsley@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Dave, Nicolas,
>> On Mon, 22 Jul 2019, Yash Shah wrote:
>>> On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 5:36 PM <Nicolas.Ferre@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> On 19/07/2019 at 13:10, Yash Shah wrote:
>>>>> Update the compatibility string for SiFive FU540-C000 as per the new
>>>>> string updated in the binding doc.
>>>>> Reference:
>>>> Maybe referring to is better:
>>> Sure. Will keep that in mind for future reference.
>>>>> Signed-off-by: Yash Shah <yash.shah@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> Acked-by: Nicolas Ferre <nicolas.ferre@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> Thanks.
>> Am assuming you'll pick this up for the -net tree for v5.4-rc1 or earlier.
>> If not, please let us know.
> This is still missing in v5.4-rc5, which means that networking is broken.

Andreas, Paul,

The patchwork state for the 2 first patches of this series is "Changes
Requested". It's probably due to my advice of using (or
something else).

I'm perfectly fine in accepting the patches are they are today but can't
change their patchwork state myself. We would need Dave or Jakub to take

Dave, Jakub,

All tags are collected in patchwork and all should be fine on DT (Rob)
side as well.
Please tell me if you're waiting some sign from me.

Best regards,
Nicolas Ferre