RE: [PATCH v2 2/2] reset: Reset controller driver for Intel LGM SoC

From: Martin Blumenstingl
Date: Sat Aug 24 2019 - 17:12:29 EST

Hi Dilip,

> Add driver for the reset controller present on Intel
> Lightening Mountain (LGM) SoC for performing reset
> management of the devices present on the SoC. Driver also
> registers a reset handler to peform the entire device reset.

> +static const struct of_device_id intel_reset_match[] = {
> + { .compatible = "intel,rcu-lgm" },
> + {}
> +};
how is this IP block differnet from the one used in many Lantiq SoCs?
there is already an upstream driver for the RCU IP block on the Lantiq
SoCs: drivers/reset/reset-lantiq.c

some background:
Lantiq was started as a spinoff from Infineon in 2009. Intel then
acquired Lantiq in 2015. source: [0]
Intel is re-using some of the IP blocks from the MIPS Lantiq SoCs
(Intel even has some own MIPS SoCs as part of the Lantiq acquisition,
typically used for PON/GPON/ADSL/VDSL capable network devices).
Thus I think it is likely that the new "Lightening Mountain" SoCs use
an updated version of the Lantiq RCU IP.