Re: [RESEND][PATCH v2-resend] MAINTAINERS: mark simple firmware interface (SFI) obsolete

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Mon Aug 26 2019 - 11:12:20 EST


On Sun, 25 Aug 2019, Lukas Bulwahn wrote:

> Len Brown has not been active in this part since around 2010. The recent
> activity suggests that Thomas Gleixner and Jiang Lui were maintaining
> this part of the kernel sources. Jiang Lui has not been active in the
> kernel sources since beginning 2016. So, the maintainer's role seems to
> be now with Thomas.

Nice try. All I did there was converting the existing code to new
interfaces and to use SPDX identifiers. You touched it last, you own it, is
not really working.

TBH. I have no clue what that is except that it's bitrotting.

> -M: Len Brown <lenb@xxxxxxxxxx>
> -L: sfi-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> +M: Thomas Gleixner <tglx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> W:
> -T: git git://
> -S: Supported
> +S: Obsolete
> F: arch/x86/platform/sfi/
> F: drivers/sfi/
> F: include/linux/sfi*.h

So why not removing this whole entry. arch/x86/platform/sfi is already
covered by x86 and the driver cruft falls back to the people who are used
to deal with dead drivers anyway.