Re: [PATCH 1/2] PCI: Add a helper to check Power Resource Requirements _PR3 existence

From: Kai-Heng Feng
Date: Tue Aug 27 2019 - 12:58:40 EST

at 23:25, Takashi Iwai <tiwai@xxxxxxx> wrote:

On Tue, 27 Aug 2019 15:47:55 +0200,
Kai-Heng Feng wrote:
A driver may want to know the existence of _PR3, to choose different
runtime suspend behavior. A user will be add in next patch.

This is mostly the same as nouveau_pr3_present().

Then it'd be nice to clean up the nouveau part, too?

nouveau_pr3_present() may call pci_d3cold_disable(), and my intention is to only check the presence of _PR3 (i.e. a dGPU) without touching anything.