[PATCH V2 0/6] PCI: tegra: Enable PCIe C5 controller of Tegra194 in p2972-0000 platform

From: Vidya Sagar
Date: Wed Aug 28 2019 - 09:15:18 EST

This patch series enables Tegra194's C5 controller which owns x16 slot in
p2972-0000 platform. C5 controller's PERST# and CLKREQ# are not configured as
output and bi-directional signals by default and hence they need to be
configured explicitly. Also, x16 slot's 3.3V and 12V supplies are controlled
through GPIOs and hence they need to be enabled through regulator framework.
This patch series adds required infrastructural support to address both the
aforementioned requirements.
Testing done on p2972-0000 platform
- Able to enumerate devices connected to x16 slot (owned by C5 controller)
- Enumerated device's functionality verified
- Suspend-Resume sequence is verified with device connected to x16 slot

* Changed the order of patches in the series for easy merging
* Addressed review comments from Thierry Reding and Andrew Murray

Vidya Sagar (6):
dt-bindings: PCI: tegra: Add sideband pins configuration entries
dt-bindings: PCI: tegra: Add PCIe slot supplies regulator entries
PCI: tegra: Add support to configure sideband pins
PCI: tegra: Add support to enable slot regulators
arm64: tegra: Add configuration for PCIe C5 sideband signals
arm64: tegra: Add PCIe slot supply information in p2972-0000 platform

.../bindings/pci/nvidia,tegra194-pcie.txt | 16 ++++
.../arm64/boot/dts/nvidia/tegra194-p2888.dtsi | 24 +++++
.../boot/dts/nvidia/tegra194-p2972-0000.dts | 4 +-
arch/arm64/boot/dts/nvidia/tegra194.dtsi | 38 +++++++-
drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pcie-tegra194.c | 91 ++++++++++++++++++-
5 files changed, 169 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)