RE: [PATCH v1 net-next] net: stmmac: Add support for MDIO interrupts

From: Voon, Weifeng
Date: Wed Aug 28 2019 - 13:07:23 EST

> >> DW EQoS v5.xx controllers added capability for interrupt generation
> >> when MDIO interface is done (GMII Busy bit is cleared).
> >> This patch adds support for this interrupt on supported HW to avoid
> >> polling on GMII Busy bit.
> >>
> >> stmmac_mdio_read() & stmmac_mdio_write() will sleep until wake_up()
> >> is called by the interrupt handler.
> >
> > Hi Voon
> >
> > I _think_ there are some order of operation issues here. The mdiobus
> > is registered in the probe function. As soon as of_mdiobus_register()
> > is called, the MDIO bus must work. At that point MDIO read/writes can
> > start to happen.
> >
> > As far as i can see, the interrupt handler is only requested in
> > stmmac_open(). So it seems like any MDIO operations after probe, but
> > before open are going to fail?
> AFAIR, wait_event_timeout() will continue to busy loop and wait until
> the timeout, but not return an error because the polled condition was
> true, at least that is my recollection from having the same issue with
> the bcmgenet driver before it was moved to connecting to the PHY in the
> ndo_open() function.
> --
> Florian

Florian is right as the poll condition is still true after the timeout.
Hence, any mdio operation after probe and before ndo_open will still work.
The only cons here is that attaching the PHY will takes a full length of
timeout time for each mdio_read and mdio_write.
So we should attach the phy only after the interrupt handler is requested?