Re: [PATCH net-next 05/15] net: sgi: ioc3-eth: allocate space for desc rings only once

From: Jakub Kicinski
Date: Wed Aug 28 2019 - 18:58:36 EST

On Wed, 28 Aug 2019 16:03:04 +0200, Thomas Bogendoerfer wrote:
> Memory for descriptor rings are allocated/freed, when interface is
> brought up/down. Since the size of the rings is not changeable by
> hardware, we now allocate rings now during probe and free it, when
> device is removed.
> Signed-off-by: Thomas Bogendoerfer <tbogendoerfer@xxxxxxx>

So the rings still get freed and allocated from ioc3_init()
but there's a set allocated from the start? I guess that makes
some sense..

Most drivers will allocate rings in open() and free them in close().