Re: [PATCH] staging: exfat: add exfat filesystem code to staging

From: Dan Carpenter
Date: Thu Aug 29 2019 - 11:45:05 EST

> p.s. There are 2947 (un)likely places in fs/ directory.

I was complaining about you adding new pointless ones, not existing
ones. The likely/unlikely annotations are supposed to be functional and
not decorative. I explained this very clearly.

Probably most of the annotations in fs/ are wrong but they are also
harmless except for the slight messiness. However there are definitely
some which are important so removing them all isn't a good idea.

> If you like, I will delete them all.

But for erofs, I don't think that any of the likely/unlikely calls have
been thought about so I'm fine with removing all of them in one go.

dan carpenter