RE: objtool warning "uses BP as a scratch register" with clang-9

From: David Laight
Date: Fri Aug 30 2019 - 12:12:10 EST

From: Arnd Bergmann
> Sent: 30 August 2019 16:59
> > Or even better, it would be great if we could get Clang to change their
> > memset() insertion heuristics, so that KASAN acts more like non-KASAN
> > code in that regard.
> I suspect that's going to be harder. The clang-9 release is going to be
> soon, and that change probably wouldn't be considered a regression fix.
> Maybe Nick can find what happens, but I don't actually see any reference
> to KASAN in the llvm source code related to the memset generation.
> has a check for >16 bytes, but that again does not match my observation.

That looks like the code for initialising a local structure variable,
not for merging 'random' writes into a memset().


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