Re: [PATCH] net: seeq: Fix the function used to release some memory in an error handling path

From: Thomas Bogendoerfer
Date: Sat Aug 31 2019 - 04:19:42 EST

On Sat, 31 Aug 2019 09:17:51 +0200
Christophe JAILLET <christophe.jaillet@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In commit 99cd149efe82 ("sgiseeq: replace use of dma_cache_wback_inv"),
> a call to 'get_zeroed_page()' has been turned into a call to
> 'dma_alloc_coherent()'. Only the remove function has been updated to turn
> the corresponding 'free_page()' into 'dma_free_attrs()'.
> The error hndling path of the probe function has not been updated.

Looks good.

Reviewed-by: Thomas Bogendoerfer <tbogendoerfer@xxxxxxx>


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