next-20190830 on Droid 4 was Re: [PATCH 0/4] musb host improvments mostly for omap2430 glue

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Sep 01 2019 - 15:39:36 EST


> So I ended up cleaning up omap2430 glue layer a bit for host mode with the
> various reproducable errors I was seeing docking droid4 to a lapdock. There
> are a few fixes, and then we end up removing all the devctl register tinkering
> for omap2430 glue layer.

I thought I'd test this, so I took

commit 6d028043b55e54f48fbdf62ea8ce11a4ad830cac
Add linux-next specific files for 20190830

Series (and the other two patches you sent around it) applies ok, but
the result does not boot.


I guess I'll need to resurrect the serial port cable.

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)

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