Re: [PATCH v2 7/9] sparc64: numa: check the node id consistently for sparc64

From: Yunsheng Lin
Date: Mon Sep 02 2019 - 02:09:14 EST

On 2019/9/1 4:02, David Miller wrote:
> From: Yunsheng Lin <linyunsheng@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2019 16:57:04 +0800
>> Did you mean sparc64 system does not has ACPI, the device's node id will
>> not specified by ACPI, so the ACPI is unrelated here?
> Yes, sparc64 never has and never will have ACPI.
> This is also true for several other platforms where you have made this
> change.
> The assumption of your entire patch set is that the semantics of the
> NUMA node ID are somehow completely defined by ACPI semantics. Which
> is not true.

Thanks for pointing out.

The NUMA node id in sparc64 system is defined by DT semantics?

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