Re: [RFC,v2 3/6] media: dt-bindings: add DS90UB954-Q1 video deserializer

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Mon Sep 02 2019 - 16:48:55 EST

> + - i2c-alias-pool: list of I2C addresses that are known to be available on the
> + "local" (SoC-to-deser) I2C bus; they will be picked at
> + runtime and used as aliases to reach remove I2C chips

After some internal discussion, I have been kinda convinced that it may
be better to assume all non-described addresses are free to use and
enter the pool.

The problem with the binding above is that you may run out of aliases
depending on how many aliases one to-be-attached module needs or how
many modules will be attached. And another add-on module with
non-repogrammable devices may occupy addresses from the defined pool

I am not perfectly happy with the assumption that all undescribed
addresses are automatically free. That also might need DTS updates to
describe all clients properly. But this change only needs to be done
once, and it will improve the description of the hardware.

So, I could agree this is the better option of the two.

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