Re: [PATCH 11/11] smack: Implement the watch_key and post_notification hooks [untested] [ver #7]

From: David Howells
Date: Tue Sep 03 2019 - 11:41:56 EST

Casey Schaufler <casey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I tried running your key tests and they fail in "keyctl/move/valid",
> with 11 FAILED messages, finally hanging after "UNLINK KEY FROM SESSION".
> It's possible that my Fedora26 system is somehow incompatible with the
> tests. I don't see anything in your code that would cause this, as the
> Smack policy on the system shouldn't restrict any access.

Can you go into keyutils/tests/keyctl/move/valid/ and grab the test.out file?

I presume you're running with an upstream-ish kernel and a cutting edge
keyutils installed?