Re: [RFC,v2 2/6] i2c: add I2C Address Translator (ATR) support

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Mon Sep 09 2019 - 03:22:38 EST

Hi Vladimir,

> I won't attend the LPC, however I would appreciate if you book some

A pity. I would have liked to have you in the room. Let's see if we can
get enough input from you via mail here.

> time to review my original / alternative implementation of the TI
> DS90Ux9xx I2C bridge device driver.

We have only 45 minutes, this will not allow to review specific
implementations. I want to give an overview of existing implementations
with pros/cons...

> The reasons why my driver is better/more flexible/more functional are
> discussed earlier, please let me know, if you expect anything else
> from me to add, also I would be happy to get a summary of your offline
> discussion.

... and I'd appreciate support here from you, like your summary of the
back then discussion (from where I can dive deeper if needed).

Also, with Luca's new series we discussed some scenarios which can
happen WRT to I2C address conflicts. Maybe you could comment on them,
too? As I read the old thread, you have a hardcoded aliases using
"ti,i2c-bridge-maps". This means you can't have own DTSI files for e.g.
add-on modules, do I get this correctly?



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