[PATCH V2 0/8] x86/platform/UV: Update UV Hubless System Support

From: Mike Travis
Date: Tue Sep 10 2019 - 10:32:21 EST

On 9/5/2019 11:47 AM, Mike Travis wrote:
> These patches support upcoming UV systems that do not have a UV HUB.
> [1/8] Save OEM_ID from ACPI MADT probe
> [2/8] Return UV Hubless System Type
V2: Remove is_uv_hubless define
Remove leading '_' from _is_uv_hubless

> [3/8] Add return code to UV BIOS Init function
> [4/8] Setup UV functions for Hubless UV Systems
> [5/8] Add UV Hubbed/Hubless Proc FS Files
V2: Remove is_uv_hubbed define
Remove leading '_' from _is_uv_hubbed

> [6/8] Decode UVsystab Info
V2: Removed redundant error message after call to uv_bios_init.
Removed redundant error message after call to decode_uv_systab.
Clarify selection of UV4 and higher when checking for extended UVsystab
in decode_uv_systab().

> [7/8] Check EFI Boot to set reboot type
> [8/8] Account for UV Hubless in is_uvX_hub Ops
V2: Add WARNING that the is UVx supported defines will be removed.