linux-next: Fixes tag needs some work in the y2038 tree

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Tue Sep 10 2019 - 11:10:55 EST

Hi all,

In commit

e83dd16c24d8 ("fix compat handling of FICLONERANGE, FIDEDUPERANGE and FS_IOC_FIEMAP")

Fixes tag

Fixes: d79bdd52d8be7 54dbc15172375 ceac204e1da94

has these problem(s):

- Subject does not match target commit subject
Just use
git log -1 --format='Fixes: %h ("%s")'

So (presumably):

Fixes: d79bdd52d8be ("vfs: wire up compat ioctl for CLONE/CLONE_RANGE")
Fixes: 54dbc1517237 ("vfs: hoist the btrfs deduplication ioctl to the vfs")
Fixes: ceac204e1da9 ("fs: make fiemap work from compat_ioctl")

Stephen Rothwell

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