Re: Regression in 5.1.20: Reading long directory fails

From: Benjamin Coddington
Date: Wed Sep 11 2019 - 13:27:20 EST

On 11 Sep 2019, at 13:26, Benjamin Coddington wrote:

On 11 Sep 2019, at 12:39, Chuck Lever wrote:

On Sep 11, 2019, at 12:25 PM, Benjamin Coddington <bcodding@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Instead, I think we want to make sure the mic falls squarely into the tail
every time.

I'm not clear how you could do that. The length of the page data is not
known to the client before it parses the reply. Are you suggesting that
gss_unwrap should do it somehow?

Is it too niave to always put the mic at the end of the tail?

Naive, even..?