hid-sensor-hub bug filling up logs...

From: John Doe
Date: Fri Sep 13 2019 - 10:29:51 EST


Sorry for bothering you, but I have one question to ask.
Recently I have installed Fedora 30 on my HP Spectre x360 Laptop and
found out that our logs are flooded by message:

hid-sensor-hub 001F:8087:0AC2.0003: hid_field_extract() called with n
(192) > 32!

I did also install 31 version to see if this was fixed, but still I
gave the same problem. Since I am not a developer but mere mortal, I
need to ask you a small favour.
Is it possible to fix this error as it is making lot of issues to all
of us that have Spectre laptop (not only Fedora but all using kernel
version higher the 4.19), as it is generating insane amount of data
into /var/log/message when I meant insane, I mean 10s of messages
within a second, so logs grow to couple of GB within a day.

By doing a research I have found that another developer had the same
issue as me and other "mortals", and he provided some sort of a bypass
by patching hid-core.c in the drivers/hid folder and hid.h in the

Please refer to the link below:




If it is not a problem, can you put the patch in 5.3 kernel release,
as at this point, our machine is quite unusable. We will need to write
a script to delete logs every day as they are growing insanely high...

Thank you in advance and apologies for my English as it is not my
native language.

Have a great weekend.